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The Structure 

  1. Base Plate and Pin
  2. Crossbar
  3. Upright
  4. Drape

This free standing portable structure is used to cover, hide and decorate any area.

Base Plate

Base plates are made of steel, durable and the foundation of pipe and drape. These base plates and pins comes in different weights based on the height your going Use

17 pound base plate —- going 3-12’ height
31 pound base plate —- going 13’-18’ height
62 pound base plate —— going 19-23’ height 


How to use Pipe and Drape Base plate and screw in pin


Adjustable aluminium crossbar used to hang the drape.
Recommend when setting up crossbar to go in 10’ increments.


How to use Pipe and Drape adjustable crossbars 


Adjustable uprights used to lower and raise to desired height you want your drape to go.


How to use Pipe and Drape adjustable uprights


Fabric that comes in many colors and textures to transform your space.


  1. Velour - Corporate Events
  2. Premier - Corporate and Social Events
  3. Sheer - Social Events
  4. Sequin - Social Events


How to put on drape panels on  Pipe and Drape 

Now that you know the basics. Watch this video to see How to set up Pipe and Drape.


How to set up pipe and drape